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Ultrasound Scanner

Ultra sound Scanner is used to perform Sonography or ultrasonography which is a diagnostic technique that use ultrasound picturing for muscle and organ visualization. This instrument is used to produce pictures of the internal parts of the body. It is equipped with a 'Probe' which transmit High-frequency sound waves with the help of gel. Moreover, our user friendly scanner is used to analyze the causes of swelling and infection in the body organs and also check baby in pregnant women. It is also used to help diagnose heart conditions and the damages after a heart attack. Our Ultra sound Scanner is perfectly safe, noninvasive and do not use any ionizing radiation.


  • Easy to start and fast boot
  • It has high adjustable control panel which increases user comfort
  • High resolution, flat panel display reduces eye strain
  • The single crystal transducer technology gives wide bandwidth, increase image quality and single solution for adult technology.
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A-B Scan Ophthalmic Ultrasound Scanner

  • Attributes:Easy To Operate, Safe to Use
  • Voltage:210 Volt (v)
  • Condition:New
  • Material:ABS
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Machine Type:Ophthalmic Ultrasound Scanner
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Ophthalmic Ultrasound

Price: 380000 INR/Piece
  • Voltage:110 Volt (v)
  • Technology:Digital
  • Attributes:Low Power Consumption, Safe to Use, Easy To Operate
  • Condition:New
  • Weight:1100 Grams (g)
  • Machine Type:Ophthalmic Ultrasound

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